Texans for Expanded Access to Medical Marijuana


February 27th, 2019

Forbes: THC Has “The Strongest Correlation With Therapeutic Relief”

A new article by Forbes discusses a study in Scientific Reports that shows the medicinal benefits of THC, particularly in relation to the more-widely accepted CBD:

[A]new study by Jacob Miguel Vigil, Psychology Associate Professor at University of New Mexico, and Sarah See Stith, Economics Assistant Professor at University of New Mexico, published on the Scientific Reports journal on Tuesday, revealed that THC exhibited the “strongest correlation with therapeutic relief, compared to the more socially acceptable chemical found in cannabis, CBD (cannabinol).” Cannabinoid content, and especially THC content, came out as the main factor for optimizing symptom relief, when tested for a wide variety of health conditions.

This point is particularly useful for Texas lawmakers to understand because the current law insists low-THC content in favor of CBD, which limits the true benefits of medical cannabis.