February 27th, 2019
Forbes: THC Has “The Strongest Correlation With Therapeutic Relief”

A new article by Forbes discusses a study in Scientific Reports that shows the medicinal benefits of THC, particularly in relation to the more-widely accepted CBD:


February 23rd, 2019
The Wisconsin Governor Supports Medical Marijuana–and as a Cancer Survivor Has a Personal Connection to the Issue

Next week Tony Evers, the governor of Wisconsin, is expected to unveil a budget that will include the legalization of medical marijuana. A passionate supporter of reforming drug laws, he also has a personal connection: he’s a cancer survivor. According to the article in the Milwaukee Courier, Governor Evers has said:

“As a cancer survivor, I know the side effects of a major illness can make everyday tasks a challenge. People shouldn’t be treated as criminals for accessing a desperately-needed medication that can alleviate their suffering.”


February 19th, 2019
How CBD Oil Changed a Little Boy’s Life in Lockhart

For Callen Jakal, a rare genetic condition left him at the mercy of seventy to one hundred seizures a day. Now he takes two doses of CBD oil–one at home, one at school–and he has been seizure-free since June. In addition, his verbal skills have improved: He even told him mother, CJ, that he loves her. “I never thought I was going to hear him say it,” she says. “And now, because of this medicine, I’ve heard it.”