Texans for Expanded Access to Medical Marijuana


May 8th, 2019

Texas House Takes a Bold Step (or Two) Toward Expansion

This week marked a huge step toward the expansion of medical cannabis in Texas. After seeing no significant movement in the 2017 session, two bills this week won initial approval from the entire House. Late Monday night, cheers went up from the gallery as the House prepared to vote on Rep. Eddie Lucio III’s HB 1365. The final tally to pass the bill to third reading was 121-23. The following afternoon, the House approved Rep. Stephanie Klick’s HB 3703 in a voice vote. (That same day the House gave final approval to Rep. Lucio’s bill.)

Though the bills take different approaches to critical topics such as treatable conditions and research, the strong support for both show how important this issue has become–and buoys hopes that the state will expand access to patients this session.